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Excel 2007 : Dynamic Picture printing trouble

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    Dynamic Picture printing trouble


    I have a problem when printing with Excel 2007, it's difficult to describe so I'll use pics to help.

    I have what I think is referred to as a 'dynamic picture', it's a picture created by inserting a bitmap and then changing the references to cells on another worksheet.
    The cells I link to are A2 to H6 in the 'diagram.jpg' pic, I draw over these cells with arrows and embedded pics as shown.

    The picture I link to this is on the front page of the workbook, this displays correctly in both versions of excel in normal view, and in print preview of excel 2002 as shown in the 2002.jpg

    But in 2007 when print preview is selected the arrows and pics are displaced as in 2007.jpg, this is a different worksheet and so a different picture, but the circles should be on the walls with the arrow in the middle.
    In normal page view the picture looks fine in excel 2007 so does anyone know why things are being distorted when printing?

    Thanks for any help, if anything is not clear enough please let me know and i'll try to explain it.
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