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Excel 2007 : Name Ranges Cell Referencing & Sorting

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    Smile Name Ranges Cell Referencing & Sorting

    Greetings and thank you for your time. I am trying to resolve an issue using Name Ranges.

    Sheet One is an Inventory Database that is organized by:
    Item, Case, Unit, Invoice, Unit Cost, Tbs Cost, (etc)
    and also calculates inventory values based on quantities that are entered by the user.

    For each row of information I have applied a name range so that I can reference the data on Sheet 2 to calculate recipe costs based on this Inventory list from Sheet 1

    Everything Works Great Until...

    I filter the data on Sheet One. The Name Ranges are reference by the cells so when the data is sorted my recipes on sheet 2 are adjusted based on the newly sorted Sheet 1 and thus recipes become irrelevant.

    Is there any way to maintain the cell reference even if its sorted? This would solve everything for me if I could get it to work. I am not trained in VBA

    Thank you for your time!

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    Re: Name Ranges Cell Referencing & Sorting

    Hi Andrew_A,

    Unfortunately, Excel does not sort the cells in a range, but the data in the cells.

    Maybe supply a sample workbook showing your original layout and then what your desired result should be.

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