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Change Data Source of Pivot Chart

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    Change Data Source of Pivot Chart

    I'm on Excel 2007.

    I have a pivot table and a pivot chart on sheet1.
    Then I copied this sheet within the same workbook.
    The copied sheet is sheet2.

    The pivot chart on sheet2 keeps referring to the pivot table on sheet1.

    I clicked on the pivot chart to change the source but it's grayed out.
    I even clicked inside the chart for it to show the SERIES formula and you can edit it, but you can't press enter to apply the changes.

    This enquiry is not about changing the Pivot Table data source. It's for changing the Pivot Chart data source.
    I know how to change the data source of a pivot table.

    I've tried copying and pasting both the pivot table and pivot chart together, but the copy of the pivot chart keeps pointing to the original pivot table.

    I know I can just delete the copied chart and create a new one. but it's a lot of work.
    I know i can just the chart format as a template and then apply it to a newly created chart, but it doesn't always work well and then i still have to adjust the new chart size manually.
    I'd a lot of charts. So creating each of them again manually is quite a bummer.
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    Re: Change Data Source of Pivot Chart

    Check this link.



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