I'm a newly divorced mom and would greatly appreciate help. I need to make a chart showing how much time each of us gets with our kids.

Ideally I want to enter start and end times for various categories (i.e. school, M's house, D's house, etc.) on a daily basis, and then have a chart that consolidates data for the week and shows amounts and % of time in each category. And I'd want this to be a template, or calculator, so that we could use it again and again as we change things, to see how it's working.

I tried to start by making a spreadsheet of how I'd collect this data, but I'm already flummoxed. Across the top I had "Mon/Mom, Mon/Dad, Tues/Mom, ..." and down the side I put various categories of time spent.

Then I realized I need to divide each column so I have start and end column for each time block. And THEN I realized that the same category can be used more than once per day, (i.e. if a kid wakes up at Mom's, goes to school, returns to Mom's), so I think I need to divide the categories into multiple rows for each, too.

Sigh. There HAS to be a better way. Anyone know of a work calendar (like Outlook) that lets you categorize various time blocks, and then to view reports of how much time is spent cumulatively in each category per week??

THANKS for any advice.