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Excel 2007 : Showing negative months

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    Showing negative months

    I am working with an excel spreadsheet where I'm showing the date a report was due vs. the date a report was actually completed. I want to use conditional formatting to show if a date is on time, 1 month behind, or 2+ months behind.

    I'm doing pretty well using =(MONTH(A2)-MONTH(A5))<=-2, be red. Where I have a problem is going back between years. So January 2010 - November 2009 is negative 2 (-2) but it shows up as #####. Is there a way I can subtract 01/2010 from 11/2009 and show a negative number?

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    Re: Showing negative months

    The simplest way would be to just count days, e.g. something like

    =A2-A5< 60

    of course 60 is an approximation of 2 months, would that be OK or do you actually want to increment by a month when you go from Feb to March etc.?
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