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Change prices in inventory spreadsheet.

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    Change prices in inventory spreadsheet.

    I have an inventory excel spreadsheet with about 2000 items in it. I use my own part numbers, item description, price, last date price was updated, and company purchased from.
    To this point I would use the excel find feature and update pricing, date of price change that way.
    I am trying to update the pricing by searching with my part number.
    I have a new worksheet which has 3 lines.
    Part number, item, price.
    I would like to enter my part number, excel lists the item and current price. If I need to change the price I can change there and it changes it in my inventory. Right now I am using Vlookup to display the info now. Takes too long. My dilemma is changing the price and it changes the price in my inventory worksheet.
    If possible I would also like to change the date on which I am making the change.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Change prices in inventory spreadsheet.

    A VBA solution is the best option here.
    You could use a "front end" sheet to contain all part numbers and new prices, then with code, we could loop though the part numbers and push the new prices to the other sheet, at the same time inserting the current date the change was made.

    You don't provide enough details to develop the specific solution needed for your sheet/structure.
    It is best to upload a sample workbook (any sensitive data removed/dummied) so that a precise answer may be given.

    Do you know . . . ?

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