Hi, I have a couple of queries.....

Can I set up a group of cells, or an entire column, to always start with the same formula?
Can I use formula to get a cell from an entire worksheet rather than just one sheet?
Can I set up the column to show the formula rather then the contents of the cell?

E.g: I would like if I could just type the cell into column A, and it showed the shortened formula (e.g AA34) rather than that cells contents - is this even possible??? No cell throughout the entire workbook has the same cell numbers.
Ive set up the workbook to list all of a company's stock prices - I'm trying to set it up so that a member of staff can type the cell number (product code) down column A, and the and the quantity into Column B, and column C produces the subtotal.

Row Column A Column B Column C
1 =sheet1!aa412 3 = a1*b1
2 =sheet4!da312 1 = a2*b2
3 =sheet4!ds101 1 = a3*b3
4 =sheet3!cz312 3 = a4*b4
5 =sheet1!aa413 1 = a5*b5

to become:

Row Column A Column B Column C
1 aa412 3 = a1*b1
2 da312 1 = a2*b2
3 ds101 1 = a3*b3
4 cz312 3 = a4*b4
5 aa413 1 = a5*b5

Can anyone help?? Or teach me how to use Access haha