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Import of data based on start and end time

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    Red face Import of data based on start and end time

    Ok people, let your excel knowledge hit me like a tidal wave

    I have an excel 2007 workbook filled with processdata (date as column, Id as rows). I want to automaticly present the data in charts. But only data between a start and end time should pop up in the charts. To make it a bit worse most the data be "Normalised" before (probably divided with the mean for the whole time period).

    The root source most stay intact so I guess I need to set up some type of automatic import connected to a start/ end button (Ok to use start end cell). Could some one please help me

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    Re: Import of data based on start and end time

    you probably don't need a macro to do this, just formulas - see the attached for an example
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