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Multivariate data sort, conditional average, and Histogram formatting...HELP!

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    Question Multivariate data sort, conditional average, and Histogram formatting...HELP!

    I am using a weather BIN data program, and I created a comma delineated text file that I imported into Excel 2010. I have 8760 rows of data to sort and condense. There is one entry for each hour in the year.

    I have performed a compound sort where Column D is sorted as primary and then Column E secondary.

    I need to take all instances where consecutive matching Rows are grouped/condensed together into one master value/Row with a Counter being created and create a new Table to show each data set & how many instances were present, whether 1 or more...similar to a Histogram:
    1 00031.1 0009.62
    4 00031.3 00010.61
    4 00031.6 00010.78
    23 00032 00011.00...

    where each occurence count in Column "A" is 1, 4, 4, and 23 for each respective matching pair found in "B" and "C."
    I was trying to use a histogram function, but I ran into some issues with the range and multiple colums to track.
    I then tried to use an AVERAGEIF and several other functions.
    I am not totally new to Excel, but this is my first time trying to use it in this manner.

    I need to be able to use the number of occurrences for an energy calculation that will be input onto a chart (thus my need for condensing it down)

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Another option would be to round to the nearest degree and average the other columns values. I was not able to get that to work either. I have enabled all add-ons.

    (My file is now upoloaded a sample file output is on page 1 I don't have the source code that formatted that original data set; my sorted data and a counter is on another page.)
    Thank You,
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