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Splitting alphanumeric contents in cells

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    Splitting alphanumeric contents in cells

    Cell A3: Abbott, Robert M.,MD
    Cell A4: Bussiere, Laura P., ARNP
    Cell A5: Bradford, Melinda ARNP

    I have this data in Column A and I'd like each person's last name to appear in Column A and the first name to appear in Column B and the credentials to appear in Column C like this:

    A3 B3 C3
    Abbott Robert MD
    A4 B4 C4
    Bussiere Laura P. ARNP
    A5 B5 C5
    Bradford Melinda ARNP

    Also I'd like to be able to do the same with addresses:

    In Row Q I have:

    Q35: Jacksonville, FL 33204
    Q37: St Augustine, FL 32092-1850

    I would like this to appear in the sheet as follows:

    Q35 R35
    Jacksonville 33204
    Q37 R37
    St Augustine 32092-1850

    I don't need the state in any cell. It can disappear as well as any commas. Is any of this possible? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Splitting alphanumeric contents in cells

    To separate the names/titles you can use Data>Text to columns. Use the comma as the delimiter.

    For the addresses...

    You can do this with formulas.

    Q35 = Jacksonville, FL 33204

    This formula in R35 for the city:


    This formula in S35 for the zip code:

    =TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(Q35," ",REPT(" ",255)),255))

    Select R35:S35 and copy down as needed.
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