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Data corrupted in multipage spreadsheet

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    Data corrupted in multipage spreadsheet


    I have a spread sheet that I've been maintaining/updating since 2005. It has 60 pages of financial data. I had copies in other places but I recently moved the main one to an alternate location and ran my backup batch which must have copied all the bad spreadsheets to the backup!
    Now in all the sheets some of the financial data is there, but the number of shares columns all got filled with dates! I scoured all drives for other copies and did find a good one from July 2013 ouch! So I lost 6 months of data. I have Excel 2010 currently. I'm thinking possibly the file copy did it. But why mess up only certain columns?
    Has anyone seen something like this? Am I hitting the limit on number of pages that Excel can reliably hold?


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    Re: Data corrupted in multipage spreadsheet

    What do you think whether it happens because of the Macro?

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    Re: Data corrupted in multipage spreadsheet

    Hi Coolecho,

    Is it possible that you have a cell formatting issue?

    It may look like you have dates, but if you highlight the column and format it as number (or general), you might get your data back.



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    Re: Data corrupted in multipage spreadsheet

    Wow that is exactly what happened! Amazing I never would have imagined. This saved me a ton of work! I'll just have to go thru and format paint back the correct formats.

    Thank You so much!

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