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Trying to calculate daily averages and seasonal averages

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    Question Trying to calculate daily averages and seasonal averages


    I have a data set of water temperatures in a river which were taken every 15 minutes for a year. I'm trying to calculate the average water temperature for each day of the year. After that, I would like to calculate seasonal averages.

    I have tried to use formulas, but they didn't work for me, and a pivot table but it doesn't seem to be working either. I am not experienced enough to figure out what isn't working and why. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. I have also tried to format the dates to be dates instead of text but it didn't work. Is it a problem?
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    Re: Trying to calculate daily averages and seasonal averages

    Your problem is that your dates are strings that look like dates, and your temperature data has extra spaces at the end.

    Clean up your data by creating two new columns: in C1, enter the header "Date" and in C2, enter the formula


    and in D1, enter the header "Temperature" and in D2, enter the formula


    Then copy both those down to match your data and use columns C and D as the basis of your pivot tables - use Date as the row source and temperature as the data source, set to average.
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