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Unable to insert lines

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    Unable to insert lines

    You were so kind to help me 3 years ago, I thought I'd ask a new question.

    I am using Windows 10 (not willingly) and Office Home & Student 2007. Everything works well except when I try to insert a new line in my Excel spreadsheet, I get this message:

    "To prevent possible loss of data, Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet. Select another location to insert new cells or delete data from the end of your worksheet.

    "If you do not have data in cells that can be shifted off the worksheet, you can reset which cells Excel considers nonblank. To do this press CTRL+End to locate the last nonblank cell on the worksheet. Delete this cell and all cells between it and the last row and column of your data and then save."

    Well, my worksheet is only 210 rows and 14 columns, so what gives? I've tried to get to the last nonblank cell, but it shows me something still within the amount of rows I am using (not all rows have data at this point). Given that the number of rows between my last row of data and the end of an Excel spreadsheet is pretty much infinite, I don't think the helpful hint is all that helpful. Short of buying a newer version of Office, what can I do?

    I am hoping that y'all will be more helpful and that it's something as easy as the last time. THANK YOU

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    Re: Unable to insert lines

    so we have to see what is wrong in your file without the file ?


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    Re: Unable to insert lines

    Hey Marti,

    I'd select the last 100 rows of your sheet (that most likely look blank) and delete them. Then try to insert a row again. I'd bet you have something on those last (bottom) rows that you can't see.
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    Re: Unable to insert lines

    1. click end/home and see where the cursor lands.
    2, if it is "out in the middle of nowhere", start to CAREFULLY delete rows and columns until you get back to the last row and column that you KNOW contains data
    3. Save the file under a different name (so you don't mess up the orig file)
    4. Close and re-open and see if that helped?
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    Re: Unable to insert lines

    You could try copying the actaul data range, A1:O210 ? to a blank sheet, leaving any excess / bloat behind.

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