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Allocating equal cost from start and end date of the range to start and end project date

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    Allocating equal cost from start and end date of the range to start and end project date


    I really need help urgently. I have been struggling from 4 days and I am not able to solve it. I have to find equal distribution of cost in cell G6:S6, in each range. However the cost should auto calculate itself if we change the start date and end date of the project according to no. of days worked. Cost per hour and hours per day i already given.

    There are 13 ranges in the data. Each range equals to 4 weeks which becomes 20 working days (assuming Saturday and Sunday are off). All dates are in MM/DD/YY format.

    Also here the financial period starts from 1st July and ends on 31st May every year. So R1 is from 31st/May/2020 - 27th/june/2020 (cell G2 and G3).

    What i need to do is calculate the cost for each row from start date of joining to end date of joining range wise. For example: If a person joins a project on 10/Aug/2020 and end the project on 29/Dec/2020 so that cost will have to calculated from cells I5-N5, specific to no. of working days in range R3 and R8 from start and end date.

    For simple understanding, as we have 12 months in a year, right now for this we have 13 range, each range equals 4 weeks.

    Can someone please tell me what formula I should put?
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    Re: Allocating equal cost from start and end date of the range to start and end project da

    Hello Athena1030 and Welcome to Excel Forum.
    Please paste the following formula into cell G5 and then drag the fill handle over and down:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Note that for this to work the values in rows 2 and 3 must be actual dates. In the file attached to post #1 they are texts that look like dates (paste special multiply by 1 will convert them quickly).
    Note that the date range 10/18/2020 to 11/17/2020 has 22 workdays.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Consider taking the time to add to the reputation of everybody that has taken the time to respond to your query.

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