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Cells changing to date

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    Cells changing to date

    Have worked with a sheet for several years. I just copy the sheet and use eg. 2011 and use most of the cell values I have before entered.
    This time I did the same for 2011 and cells have changed the input , to . And many cells just have the ###### . I have adjusted the size but the cell have changed to a date cell instead of standard and text cell.
    When I mark the row or a few cells just to change the comma to point the value I have entered before is gone and instead the date is shown as a number. This frustrate me a lot as I need to manually enter previous value first by changeing the cell to a text cell and then the old value.
    If I had just one or two hundred cells with this it would be ok. But my different sheets contain thousands of cells with different values.
    What could be wrong and what to do?

    Appreciate any suggestions I can try


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    Re: Cells changing to date

    What method did you use to create the copy worksheet? I find the most effective way is to right click on the tab of the worksheet I want to copy then select the <Move or Copy> option. All existing formatting, including column widths, is replicated as well as data and formulas.
    Trish in Oz
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    If you attach a sample of your workbook it will be easier to find a solution. Remember to remove/replace sensitive data before uploading the file. Look here if you need help with attachments:

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