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Save Excel 2010 Form as an Interactive Web Page - With Functioning Macro?

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    Save Excel 2010 Form as an Interactive Web Page - With Functioning Macro?

    I have been asked to update an old project budget costing model which currently sits as a link to an excel file on our website http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/staff...rch-budget.cfm

    I have updated the form with an excel 2010 file that incorporates a couple of small macros that enable the user to determine the number of resources the project requires. I want this new form to be available as a web-page that users can enter their data into automatically, without having to open or download an excel file to work on.

    When I saved the file as a web page I discovered there was no interactivity available, and then I discovered that the interactivity option is only available if I publish the excel file to a website via Microsoft's "SkyDrive" account. I did this but soon discovered that once uploaded the macro functionality is disabled.

    I'm thinking an excel file with macro's is not the way to go here, but I don't have the HTML programming expertise to redesign the form as a website only (I can only do this in Excel). Does anyone have any suggestions for an application that will allow me to take my excel file with Macro's and publish it as a functioning web-form? The revised (draft) excel model is available on the followng link: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resi...t=file%2c.xlsm and is also attached.

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    Re: Save Excel 2010 Form as an Interactive Web Page - With Functioning Macro?

    You may want to check out www.webworksheet.com

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