Hey all,

Here is my problem:
I'm creating a excel based program which pulls info from various databases. The end users do not have access to the databases.
The reports need to have up-to-date information so the users would need to refresh the data being pulled.
In order to refresh the data an ODBC connection would need to be created on each users computer.

The company is OK with everyone having access, it is just time consuming, but there are no issues regarding security/privacy.

What I would like to do and need your help in terms of code:
Option A: Use VBA code to change the WSID in the Connection string to my (or another approved users) ID. My current ID is "WS-FRAKMP".
The connection string is DSN=XXX; Description=XXX; Trusted_Connection=Yes; APP=Microsoft Office 2010; WSID=WS-FRAKMP; Database=XXX

I am using a Query Table which I right click on to refresh.

Option B: Any other solutions you might have.

Thank you!