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Refer to Sheets in formula VBA

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    Refer to Sheets in formula VBA

    Dear all,

    I have a workbook which contains 400 sheets. The sheets are updated every day. On the first sheet there is a "Main" sheet were i'm trying to build a matrix which counts certain things from every sheet. In the martix I want to make a formula which refers to a the corresponding sheet. I have a list of words (the names of the sheets) on the "Main" sheet were I can reference it to. I got it to work with the INDIRECT function, but is was very very slow. Does anyone have a good idea how to make is faster, perhaps without INDIRECT?
    Or can this be done in VBA?

    Thanks in advance!
    PS: I have attached a small printscreen of my problem.


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    Re: Refer to Sheets in formula VBA

    Duplicate thread: http://www.excelforum.com/excel-form...-inderect.html

    Please don't post duplicate threads, albeit with different titles. Most people will look at all the sub-forums.

    And please don't post pictures ... they're useless.
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