I am using the code below that I found on contextures to update 8 different pivot tables once I make a change to one. All of the tables are on the same sheet ("Pivots"). The code works as expected but......
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I also created the macro below that I was wanting call from a clickable cell on another sheet to select the PivotField "Year". My problem is this. I can run the macro below as long as I have the ("Pivots") sheet selected and it works. When I try to launch it when I have any other sheet selected it attempts to run. The result is that in the PivotField "Year" it selects the "All" option and the rest of the stacked filters it selects the very last check box on each Fields list.
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Here's the thing. I can modify the macro to "Activate" the ("Pivots") sheet and I can run it from any sheet at that point but then my work book pages back and forth between the sheets which completely defeats the purpose of my clickable cell on my "Dashboard". It ain't pretty!

I can't seem to make these work together as desired (Pivots sheet filters/updates in background upon cell click without switching sheets. I have the "call" covered). I need some help. I've been on this for three days and am at my wits end... literally.

Thanks for any help that you can give.