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Tool or code to copy VBA code to OneNote or Word while preserving VBA formatting

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    Question Tool or code to copy VBA code to OneNote or Word while preserving VBA formatting

    So this is a little out the sideline, but:

    Whenever I do some code in VBA, I have to document this, either to myself in OneNote or in reports in Word. However, it seems impossible to copy VBA code from the editor to anything else and preserve the formatting.

    Basically I end up with this:
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    While I would really like as presented here with colours and indents (mostly the colours).

    Are there any way to do this, or and online tool I simply cannot find? It makes reading the code in the future so much easier and elegant in reports.

    I hope you can help,


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    Re: Tool or code to copy VBA code to OneNote or Word while preserving VBA formatting

    Hi gregersdk,

    I like to use Notepad++ (free using the GNU General Public License). See https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

    It is not automatically configured for .bas files (exported from VBA).

    To configure for .bas files (colors):
    a. Settings > Style Configurator > VB /VBS (as language)
    b. Add bas as User Extension > Save and Close
    c. Close all .bas files in NotePad++
    d. Close NotePad++
    e. Any new files opened in NotePadd++ should have colors


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