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Remove duplicates across multiple columns

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    Question Remove duplicates across multiple columns

    I have 7 columns that contain phone numbers.

    I want to remove duplicates across all columns, so that only one occurrence of a phone number will appear across all cells. I don't care which one of the duplicates is removed.

    I don't want to remove any rows.

    How can I do this?

    I could not find a VBA macro that worked.


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    Re: Remove duplicates across multiple columns

    Hi moishier,

    The attached workbook has an example of some code that will check columns in the same row and delete any duplicates. The code is given below in case the workbook is in a version you can't read.

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    Hope that helps,

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    Re: Remove duplicates across multiple columns

    This should do it

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    Re: Remove duplicates across multiple columns

    Dear fellow Excellers and Readers,

    Please note the code differences above.

    Both will remove duplicates - BUT - will offer different results.

    Note 1: djbomaha Code only removes duplicates from any ONE column, i.e. despite the number of columns in your 'range', the code will look down each columns (despite referring to 'Rows') and will remove duplicates in each column....then moves onto the next column and so on and so forth. This code set is rigid insofar as the user must change values for i and j according to their individual worksheet or problem. This is EXCELLENT code should you wish to control a set within a smaller area of your worksheet.

    Note 2: mike7952 Code removes ALL duplicates from the entire range. So.....If you have say, a number 12 located in "A1", and "B3", and "AZ23"....it will remove all but one of those entries.

    Personally, I prefer Mikes code purely because it appears to have answered the question a little more thoroughly. Having said that, both Code Examples should be excellent examples for learning the differences between results when using For-Next loops.

    The only thing missing from each of the code sets offered above are code execution speed enhancements....but there are thousands of posts across the web on just that topic.....so, move on.

    Mike - simple, nice, clean - well done!

    --If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It--

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