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Scroll 2 listviews at the same time, Excel VBA, help please

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    Scroll 2 listviews at the same time, Excel VBA, help please

    Hi all,

    linkback http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-q...ml#post4530642

    I have this problem, I have 2 listview in 1 userform in excel, I can't combine the listview list, but both listviews is correlated. so I need to fine a way, to scroll them at the same time, how to do that?
    and I'm attaching my file too


    please help if this is possible,
    thanks a lot
    warm regards

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    Re: Scroll 2 listviews at the same time, Excel VBA, help please

    Previous reply deleted - I assumed/read as Listboxes, not ListViews.

    Not quite as simple as with Listboxes, which have a TopIndex property - you simply set the Topindex to be the same as the Topindex of the listbox in focus.

    The simplest way to do this is to use the GetFirstVisible property of the ListView and Use the Ensurevisible property to ensure that item is visible in the second.

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    There should also be a corresponding event for ListViewAsing.

    The disadvantage is that the items may not be in the same 'vertical' position and this is difficult to see as you never mentioned anything about selecting the matching item.
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