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Baccarat system tester (identifying patterns)

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    Baccarat system tester (identifying patterns)

    Hello there,
    Is it possible to find certain patterns in excel?
    I have Baccarat shoe data which I import to a spreadsheet. I would like to identify 4 different patterns in the shoe as per attached example.
    The top image of the attachment is an example of the data I have.
    In the 2nd image I have highlighted the different patterns I am trying to identify. The P and B does not make a difference to the patterns. PBP makes the same pattern as BPB.
    After I have identified the 4 patterns I start over again looking for the same patterns again. The patterns can be in any order and they can overlap. There are certain rules for some of the patterns which either makes it a valid pattern or not. More about the rules if this project is at all possible in excel.
    I have 25,000 shoes to check each with about 80 hands.

    I would appreciate any feedback or guidance in the right direction.

    Thank you,
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