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Apply Macro to multiple Sheets

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    Apply Macro to multiple Sheets

    Hi Guys,
    I currently have this macro that runs on the active sheet.

    Sub Refresh_Click()
    x = HypUIConnect(Empty, Empty, Empty, vtFriendlyName:=”ESSPRD2_MPSA_P_CorePlan“)
    x = HypMenuVRefresh
    End Sub

    I want to apply this macro to run when I click my button to the following sheets. Below are my sheet names

    By product Opex
    By Division Opex
    OpEx By acct
    By product
    By Division
    Site Count

    Can anyone

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    Re: Apply Macro to multiple Sheets

    You can loop through all Worksheets easily enough and store all of the names above in a few different ways, but I'm concerned about the scope of your HypUIConnect and HypMenuVRefresh functions -- but I don't know anything about them.

    For instance, a module may contain:

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    Re: Apply Macro to multiple Sheets

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