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Add data into textbox with Getpivotdata-function

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    Add data into textbox with Getpivotdata-function


    The TextBox5 value needs to be taken from PivotTable (on Sheet SUO!F2). Value in Combobox1 act as a "filter" for all textbook (2-5) values.
    Other Textbox- values work okay, so the problem is this line

    TextBox5.Text = pvtTable.GetPivotData("Sum", SUO!F2, "NRO", ComboBox1).

    If I insert GetPivotData-function on Excel- sheet (instead of combobox1 I use of course the right reference), it works. So I'm doing something wrong in VB...

    I am pretty new and preciate your help.

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    row_number = 0
    row_number = row_number + 1
    item_in_review = Sheets("LAS").Range("B" & row_number)
    If item_in_review = ComboBox1.Text Then
    TextBox2.Text = Sheets("LAS").Range("A" & row_number)
    TextBox3.Text = Sheets("LAS").Range("D" & row_number)
    TextBox4.Text = Sheets("LAS").Range("C" & row_number)

    TextBox5.Text = pvtTable.GetPivotData("Sum", SUO!F2, "NRO", ComboBox1)

    TextBox7.Text = Date

    End If
    Loop Until item_in_review = ""

    End Sub
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