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VBA code to copy excel tables and paste into Power Point

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    VBA code to copy excel tables and paste into Power Point

    Good night to you all.

    In advance, I excuse for my English, it's not my native language.

    Anyway, I'm trying to automate one of the tasks I perform in my job. To do so, I'm trying to fetch a code that copies 25 tables from 4 different Excel sheets (same workbook) and paste them into Power Point. I've come across this article in Spreadsheet Guru that almost solves my problem:


    In the website's example, the author creates an array to store the tables and another array with the PPT slides in which the tables will be copied to. However, his arrays have the same sizes, since he copies one single table to one single slide. So, he describes his arrays like this:

    MySlideArray = Array(2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    MyRangeArray = Array(Sheet1.Range("A1:C10"), Sheet4.Range("A1:C10"), _
    Sheet3.Range("A1:C10"), Sheet2.Range("A1:C10"), Sheet5.Range("A1:C10"))

    My problem is: I have 25 tables and I want to copy them in 9 different slides (more than one table per slide), so my table array is bigger than my slide array

    To do the copy and paste, the author uses a loop with this code:

    'Loop through Array data
    For x = LBound(MySlideArray) To UBound(MySlideArray)
    'Copy Excel Range

    'Paste to PowerPoint and position
    On Error Resume Next
    Set shp = myPresentation.Slides(MySlideArray(x)).Shapes.PasteSpecial(DataType:=2) 'Excel 2007-2010
    Set shp = PowerPointApp.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange 'Excel 2013
    On Error GoTo 0

    Since I want to copy more than one table in one slide, how can I write my code? That author's logic is completely clear to me, but I can't find a way to modify it to my needs. How do I assign my tables to the respective slides?

    Thank you a lot in advance!

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    Re: VBA code to copy excel tables and paste into Power Point

    If you make MySlideArray a string array each entry can contain a delimited range of table numbers as a text string. When you loop through each entry in MySlideArray you can then split that entry into it's respective numbers and then loop through those numbers

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    In your example code both MyRangeArray & MySlideArray are iterated through in the same loop therefore they index to the same number; in this version because you have a nested loop they'll have different index numbers i.e. MyRangeArray(TableNumber) and MySlideArray(x)
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