Hello, I'm new here and am looking to reduce the amount of menial office data entry I have.

Every client has an excel file with their customer ID number, and from this I have to manually copy and paste data into 3 different word templates. The excel files are all formatted identically.
I have tried linking excel data into the word templates, and then changing the source whenever I want to make the document for a new client, but this is a pain because updating the data changes the formatting and I need to fix it enough that it becomes the same amount of work as copy/pasting. I've also looked into Mail Merge, but this generates multiple word documents from one excel file directory. My case is 1 excel file --> 1 word file. Is there a way to do what I'm looking for?

One word template takes a table from the excel file and places it on a certain line, centering it.
Another word template does the same, but also takes two more single cell values
The third is a word table with pictures, with certain rows only present if they are checked on a checklist in the excel file, otherwise they are deleted.

So is there a way to have a word template where I can simply tell it to take data from a certain excel file, it populates automatically in the desired format, and I can hit print?
Is there a way to do this for multiple files at once, like a folder of 10 excel files? Is there a way to write a program that does this, because I would be willing to use my limited coding knowledge if someone would be willing to help me.
Thank you for your time.