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Oee - performance. Need some tips.

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    Oee - performance. Need some tips.

    I would like to display my data in a timeline that shows green if the value is “higher than” and shows red if “lower than”. I made a userform that extract the data from another sheet. And now I want a commandobutton that takes the extracted data and displays it in a “bar form”. I just need it to show how many times there been an activity within an hour. (Look into the file to get a better feel of what I mean) The whole Idea is to visually see if theres been any unplanned downtime in the production line. Is this possible? And what method should I use? Any tips Is welcomed.
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    Re: Oee - performance. Need some tips.

    the easiest way would be to use a PivotTable. YOu don't need any macro.
    Put in the data in the table and refresh the pivot table. you can add conditional formatting to get yout colred overview.
    look into the attachment.

    with slicers you can select any artikel, but I dont know if they are already available in 2013?
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    Re: Oee - performance. Need some tips.

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