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System Error &H8000FFF (-247418113). Catastrophic failure

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    System Error &H8000FFF (-247418113). Catastrophic failure

    I have now twice had this error, where I email a spreadsheet with macros to another person. It is working when I send it using share via email. When they get it there is a problem, When I go and open the original, I also get the problem. System Error &H8000FFF (-247418113). Catastrophic failure and when I go to look at the code it is all gone. Does anyone know the cause and solution? One strange thing that happened, I would get an error when clicking on the Data tab, something to do with Funcres. When I when I looked online, it said this was an add-in. Since I wasn't using it, I disabled it. Not sure if that is related. Most of the answers I have seen involve user forms, I am not using any.

    Thanks, Gus

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    Re: System Error &H8000FFF (-247418113). Catastrophic failure

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