Hi, hope u can help me with this problem

i have an issue trying to do a macro for copy the data from a website , the website is about data of companys :
https:&&&&&&//apps.osce.gob.pe/perfilprov-ui/buscar?q=ejecutor%20de%20obra&pageSize=6748&pageNumber=1&export=1&langTag=es&f1=1&f2=3&f3=202 (please erase "&")

if u can see, there is a list, and if u want to read the detail of the company, u need to click them first and then it will load another webpage with the details.

The thing is, how can i code so that excel does it automatically: Click on the first company, load the new webpage and copy all the information that i want (Name, RUC, Telefono, email) and come back for the next?

im still a beginner so every clue that u can give me I will appreciate it

Thanks u