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Solver + Macro

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    Question Solver + Macro

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a solver objective function that is getting calculated in a macro. I need to tie up these two solutions.

    Objective function = max(cell)

    this cell is populated using a macro

    So, every time variable inputs change- macro should run to repopulate the column and then check if the cell value is maximized.

    Please help if you have solved something similar.


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    Re: Solver + Macro

    if a cell you want to maximize is populated by macro, not by an excel function you basically cannot use solver.

    You can try to fool the solver and instead of just macro use UDF (user defined function, so basically still VBA code) with Volatile statement inside.

    Then Solver will call it and change output value accordingly.

    See the example file (make sure macros are allowed) and run solver.
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