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Sheets/Workbook Not Calculating after Macro run

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    Sheets/Workbook Not Calculating after Macro run

    So Sheets 2 through 19 have pasted data from an external source, which I then created a Summary sheet for with references to the cells I want to show data from.
    I then created an English and French tab because my first paste into Sheets 2 through 19 is with English data, then I paste again with French data (both from external sources).
    On both the English & French tabs, the data for the last 2 weeks needs to be updated so I need to pull data from Row 21 on the Summary tab into certain cells in Column H and I respectively. For instance Summary!D21 needs to be entered into English!H3, Summary!D22 into English!H4, etc etc. You can see Macro "EngAbsV2" for what goes where. I also created macro "FrAbsV2" because I need to do the exact same steps on the French sheet.

    My problem is that when I run "EngAbsV2", the formulas gets entered but nothing shows up because the sheet/workbook doesn't want to recalculate. So when I go back and look at the Summary sheet, it also shows blanks, seemingly "Uncalculating" itself.

    I've also tried creating a macro where a cell value from English equals the cell value from Summary but it also shows up blank until I hit F9 because Summary shows blanks even though 2 minutes ago I saw data. Ideally this is the best solution because I don't want it referencing the formula, I want it referencing the value that is there at the moment. That value will then change once I go from English data to French data and I don't want English and French referencing the same data.

    I've even gone to the macro recorder and recorded pressing F9 yet that doesn't work either. It only works if I physically press F9 or press the Calculate Now button on Excel.

    Does anyone have any solutions?
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