Hi Excelforum,

Hope everyone is having a great day. I am Raf. Very new to the world of Visual Basic. I don't post these questions as I normally study and refer to existing information out there and here to build my scripts.

I have come a long way. However I need your help this time as I have a tight deadline to help out some colleagues that would love it if it could be done. I am drowning in work.

I have an excel file template that is visually designed to like an invoice and has two sheets.

I have another worksheet that has data that needs to go into specific fields in that invoice template. The worksheet has line by line data per customer. So after one customer's information is entered, it needs to be saved and then onto the next line data for another customer to be copied into the template and then saved again for that customer. And so forth so forth for all the different lines in the worksheet.

Some data will go into a specific cell in sheet 1 and then some will go to sheet 2 in the template.

Trying to attach and image or even files no luck

But Hope someone can help. Thanks.

Kind regards,