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Find and replace macro

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    Find and replace macro

    I would like to find and replace numbers or text in formulas. I have a macro assigned to a symbol which, when I press it, presents a pop-up screen.
    For example in the worksheet "Datasheet1" there are a lot of formulas that have the cell K200 in them. I would like to change them to K300 by using the pop-up screen.

    I've come across the formula below, but it doesn't work unfortunately.

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    Presenting a worksheet is kind of difficult because of the specifics.

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    Re: Find and replace macro

    What you are describing is just a simple find & replace that can easily be done with the Home > Find & Select > Replace feature on the ribbon. Why do you want to do this with VBA? Why duplicate an existing feature that actually has more options?

    (It would make sense if you wanted to do something more complicated. For example, I developed a Find & Replace macro that uses regexp.)
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