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Detect change in programmatically created checkboxes

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    Detect change in programmatically created checkboxes

    I have created a 40 x 5 array of checkboxes called GridChkBoxes in UserForm_Initalize(). I need be able to detect when they are changed, just like Private Sub CheckBox1_Change() if I had used the toolbox to add them.

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    Hello TomJones322,

    You will have to write code to automate the code writing for the CheckBoxes you have added or do manually. Either way is a lot of work. Automating the process through the program will require you add a reference to project to use VBE (Visual Basic Extensibility) which will allow you to modify the VBA Project code. Chip Pearson has an excellent tutorial on using and programming with VBE.

    Here is the web site: http://www.cpearson.com/excel/vbe.html

    Hope this helps,
    Leith Ross

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