I'm using the "offset" to allow the user to select a value from a
drop-down on the SUB tab and to pull those values from the DETAILS
tab...however now the user wants to be able to select one of the
projects and have the corresponding sub components display.

For example.

On Detail tab:
Col A Col B Col C
Project 1 - sub comp A -descirption
Project 1 - sub comp B -descriptoin
Project 2 - sub comp C -descriptoin
Project 1 - sub comp E -descriptoin
Project 3 - sub comp A -descriptoin

On the Sub Tab
use can select the Project name from the Detail Tab (got that) and all
the related values (sub component and descriptions), but when the
select "project 1", for example, they want to see all the sub
components for only project 1.

When I use autofilter, it seems to only grab the first listed Project 1
and all the sub components for that... when I select a same title down
the list, it doesn't list the Sub component E, but rather still has it
as Sub Component A, for instance.

When I try to use INDEX, it seems to ONLY pull one value (like the
offset as a look up)... is there a way for the user to select the
drop-down box on the Sub Tab, and select from a drop down list that
pulls info from the Details TAB and then show all sub components that
relat to that project name?

If the project name was typed again, but slightly off... can I use an
approximation -- for example, pull up all subs for (see below), or do
they all have to look exactly the same cuz even copy and pasting
doesn't seem to work...
Project 1
Project - 1