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Pausing and restarting a macro using a button

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    Pausing and restarting a macro using a button


    Please can anyone help with the following query?

    I have a macro that updates the month and year in a pivot table filter, refreshes the pivot table and then displays the results for a few seconds before looping round to update to the next month in sequence. I've added two buttons to the Excel tab for the user - one to start this macro, and a second to reset the month back to the start once the first macro has run to the end.

    Is it possible that I can add a third button that will allow the user to pause the macro on the first click, and then restart the macro by clicking the same button again?

    I am a VBA novice so there may well be a simple solution to this, but so far I'm stumped!


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    Re: Pausing and restarting a macro using a button

    Basically, what you have here is a misunderstanding on where the macro should end. In other words why would you want to stop a macro and obtain partially executed data. Must likely what you should do is breakdown your process in pieces so the button doesnt interrupt a macro, but basically stages the execution of your processes.

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