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VBA timestamp that locks unlocked cells in range upon entry

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    VBA timestamp that locks unlocked cells in range upon entry

    I have been struggling for a few days to write a macro that upon entry of a cell labeled "reviewer/date" will lock the cells that aren't shaded gray (all unlocked). The sheet is set up as a timesheet, which records, in real time the running of microplate assays. I don't know alot about Vba, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I attached the current version that I have been working on. Once I get the macro running, I need to have about 12 other charts on the same sheet that do the same thing, but for different assays that we will be running. Essentially, once a person enters thier initials into the review cell, I need the macro to timestamp and lock all the non-gray cells in the chart. The sheet would always be protected, with only the IS department holding the pw. Ideally, the person would need a seperate personal pw to even put thier initials into the review box, and only after the validity cell reports the out put of "valid" or "invalid", but I do not know if this is even possible. I have many formulas that check the variable inputs into the chart, and these insure that all parameters of the testing are within range. We have been doing all these checks by hand and reviewing the parameters manually as well. The idea is to automate these to increase accuracy of testing. First time posting so I hope i did everything right. Thanks!

    *edit* for some reason the macro I was working on didn't save. I will try and rewrite what i had and include it when i get somewhere.
    *edit* realized its protected, working pw is 123

    This is sort of what I came up with while working with the macro recorder.
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