Using the attached file (Zip_Radius), I would love for someone to create a macro/VBA where, in every row:

- Beginning in column D (value 1), the cells are copied until a blank cell cell is reached (the blank cell will not be in the same column for every row). In row 2, the first blank occurs at O2 whereas in row 3, the first blank occurs at Y3

- Next, I want to "paste special - transpose" into column C. However, it is imperative that the data below is not overwritten. Thus, I need to have rows inserted to accommodate the values that will now be pasted vertically in a column. So, since there are 11 values to be copied and transpose pasted in row 2, there would need to be 11 rows inserted between what are currently rows 2 and 3. Please see the other attachment (after_macro_zip_radius) to get a sense for what the sheet would now look like. If possible, it would also be great to have all of the values on each row that occur to the right of the first blank deleted.

- The process would then continue on each successive full row (in this case, it would now be row 13).

Thanks in advance for your help.after_macro_Zip_Radius.xlsxZip_Radius.xlsx