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"this workbook" vba modification needed

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    "this workbook" vba modification needed

    Good Day All,

    I have created a workbook (quite proud of it) that includes multiple VBA and formula's to log info on any given customer.

    But I have run into a minor complication, of which I have not found a solution on.

    In the past the experts on this site have always assisted me, and I am sure they will no doubt succeed again!

    I have attached the workbook, avoided listing anything confidential.

    I have password protected each sheet with ""

    This is to insure the employees do not put data in incorrect cells.

    You can play around with the sheet to figure out its function, so I will not be going into that t0o much.
    But it is important to note the following: cell references differ between the Template sheet and the created sheet via the command button.
    I.O.W: A cell A6 will be A4 when copied. I need the VBA to calculate on all sheets, except the "Lookup List" The other few sheets will never have any data entered into those respective fields.

    The problem I am having is the following:

    1) I have cell formula's in the C Column from Line 36 (on Copied sheet) it puts the current excel user name in as soon as data is filled into column G36:G44, G50:G61, H67:H84, H90:H104.
    Keep in mind that the data in column G60 will only activate C60 (Same Line)
    2) I also have a cell formula in column E, same as above, but enters current date and time.
    3) I also have a vba running, that locks certain rows as soon as data is entered in specified columns.

    This all works well, as you can test yourself. However my problem is that it is having a few glitches as it uses a "iteritive calculation" and this sometimes allows certain cells to update incorrectly.
    The problem is with one specific user that has conditional formulas in place to colour cells. As soon as she uses the sheet (in certain circumstances) it updates all data entered in column C.

    So basically to conclude, I need a VBA alternative (active on all sheets, as the sheet count will be massive over time) for the cell formulas in Column > C34/36.

    I really really hope you guys (and gals) will be able to assist

    Friendly Regards

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    Re: "this workbook" vba modification needed

    Please anybody.

    I basically need a vba for inserting the username in a cell if there is data entered into another cell.
    And the same formula for entering the current date & time based on data entered same other cell as above.

    I can even modify it to match my reference cells. I just need a basic idea.


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