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Display result dynamically & automatically based on dropdown

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    Display result dynamically & automatically based on dropdown

    Dear All Forum Contributors,

    Let me explain ,what I want to achieve.I have more than 5 parties here stated only sample parties there might be more than 100 parties.Each party has 3 sheets namely M1,I1 & O1.Now what I want is that,

    1.All sheets should be hidden
    2.There should be only two sheet unhidden.First sheet name should be Input Field based on dropdown/Data validation used of party and second would be output sheet where result are being displayed of party based on Input filed.
    3.In order to display the result,I have for your kind info I have made the formula in subsequent sheet O5,O4,O3,O2,O1 sheets based on the input data of I5,I4,I3,I2,I1 and Master sheet M5,M4,M3,M2,M1 where everything is defined of respective party.

    Like this if my parties are more than 100 is goes a long way in finding the sheet input data and output data with master sheet defined all the terms & condition.Hence I thought if there could be only two sheet where data is fed into 'input' sheet and based on the data result is being displayed in 'output' sheet with terms & condition defined in master sheet-M5,M4,M3,M2,M1 of each party and formula is defined in output sheet of each party in O5,O4,O3,O2,O1.

    It means auto populating of formula & results of each party in output sheet based on party name in input data.
    I have checked all the formulas,everything is correct.

    I would be very much thankful if I am get helped.You can use any method as you desire.

    I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

    With Best Rgds,

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