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Gift card inventory & invoicing

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    Gift card inventory & invoicing

    Hello - I am new to this forum so I apologize if my question is not clear or in the incorrect area.

    I am trying to find out if Excel will allow me to track gift cards that we receive from our home office and then transfer to our individual stores. When we sends cards to our stores they are for particular organizations and I would like to create an invoice for each order that will provide the card #'s we should be pulling and in turn reflect a new inventory.

    We do not track the balance on the cards....when they were used, by whom or anything to do with the actual card usage itself. All we do is create invoices for the customers purchasing the cards and update our inventory, however keeping track of the card #'s themselves.

    For example:

    Monday: We receive 50 gift cards with a denomination of $100. The gift card #'s range from 100-149.

    Tuesday: We issue 25 of these $100 gift cards to store 123 for organization ABC. The invoice will show card #'s 100-124 being issued to ABC Organization. Our new inventory will show 25 remaining cards with the #'s 125-149.

    Is this something possible in Excel or Access?

    Thanks to anyone who may be able to help me.

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    Re: Gift card inventory & invoicing

    better off to use Access. You can use Excel however you will need Macros (VBA) to update your inventory.
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