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Google sheet: index match

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    Google sheet: index match

    Hi guys

    Please srefer to my sheet, here:


    TAB: Predicted scores whatsapp

    I have used text to columns to split up scores into seperate cells i.e. B5 and C5. i WANT to know if it's possible to use a index match to pick up the scores and inputting them in cells T7 and T8, matching the name above T7 and T8 which is also in A5 (I will remove the icons)

    Thanks so much


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    Re: Google sheet: index match

    What's not working?

    If you remove the icons then the formula should work.

    The only other problem I can see is that you would need to make the column references absolute and use row 2 to get the name to lookup

    So in T7 you would have this,

    =INDEX($B$5:$B$42, MATCH(T2,$A$5:$A$42,0),0)

    and in V7 this.

    =INDEX($C$5:$C$42, MATCH(V2,$A$5:$A$42,0),0)
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