i have a file in which i have applied protection except certain cell ranges. i have to sheet one named as admin and second copy of admin. please look on admin! g 11 ( p for planned work date on which the work has to be done.) , h 11 (A for actual date on which work is getting done.), i 11(Y for yes, when the work has done. editor will fill y in i column.). i have protected g and h column but not i column. and so on for rest of the whole admin sheet. i have keep unlocked all the y columns (i12, l12, o12 and so on..)

now i need to make 4 copies od admin sheet for different department also. my problem is that when i have copied the sheet admin it is not copying the protection with certain unlocked cells same as sheet admin. so please give me solution this thing as my sheet contains a big unlocked cell ranges. is there any script or some thing else. please solve this and i even don't know how to run script.

here is the link of file.https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...gid=1924994592