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Google’s Sheet with multiple interlinked conditional drop downs

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    Google’s Sheet with multiple interlinked conditional drop downs

    Hi all

    Thanks for taking the time to read this thread - trying to work my head around how to explain my query (but it is based on google sheets, so hopefully the majority of functionally can carry over)

    So... first off the concept of the sheet is a personal training programming sheet that I can use to create in depth programs with multiple variables. The structure of the sheet would be based on having a number of other pages of data interlinked (possibly other spreadsheets too). Each sheet has a different set of exercises and they might be separated based on muscle group or type of movement, eg. 1 data page contains barbells lifts such as squat, bench, deadlift overhead press etc and each of these headings have their own columns with variations of that exercise. Whilst Another sheet has body weight movements for example. Essentially each page becomes a library of exercises which I can then select in a drop down on the main page.

    So am little bit stuck as to what function or format to use -

    I would like it so that in a drop down box in the “Type” column I select a movement (from of any of the data sets across multiple pages) - and the variation column then gives me a number of variables that are included in that data set.

    ie want to create a drop down list in the column called “type” - select squat - it then populates a drop down in the next column called “variation” - which gives me a drop down which is limited to the exercises in that data set for example “front squat” (again bearing in mind there are multiple sheets and data sets) - I am aware that there is the named range function in sheets but I’m not sure if this can play a role here.

    Will this end up being a a long formula “if statement”or is there some function I can use here.

    Hopefully that explains the problem well enough



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    Re: Google’s Sheet with multiple interlinked conditional drop downs

    Hello Sizemon and Welcome to Excel Forum.
    It may be easier for someone to help if there was a sample .xlsx file that illustrates the set up of the data is being used to produce the drop down, instructions are given in the banner at the top of the page.
    I don't know much about google sheets, however in Excel it would be difficult to produce a drop down based on values that placed in different sheets. I would suggest to an Excel user to put all of the data that will be used for producing drop downs on a single sheet.
    A search for "excel personal training template" brings up over 23M results so that might be a starting point for thinking about ways to accomplish the goal.
    Let us know if you have any questions.

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