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Conditional formatting based on below row

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    Conditional formatting based on below row


    I'm looking to apply a conditional formatting based on below row.

    Everyday a add a new row to update previous dates value.

    See attached for e.g.

    Today I added a new row at row no. 5 to update cost of yesterday's date i.e. for 5th May 2021.

    Now I want to check if cost of row 5 is less or greater than row no. 6.

    Cost of cell B5 and C5 is greater then B6 and C6, so B5 and C5 cell color should get updated with green color.

    And the cost of D5 is less then D6, so it should get updated with red color.

    And tomorrow when I add a new row to update cost for 6th May, we should check the cost with 5th May cost.
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    Re: Conditional formatting based on below row

    This isn't automatic however perhaps it will help.
    Select cells B5:D9 and use the following formulas as conditional formatting rules.
    For Green: =B5>B6
    For Red: =B5<B6
    When a new row is inserted select cell B6 and the format painter and then press the left button of the mouse and pass the cursor across cells B5:D5
    Optionally you could edit the applies to of the two existing rules from =$B$6:$D$10 to =$B$5:$D$10
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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