hi all.

This forum has been great help to me in the past. Much appreciated.

The "Selection.delete" method that works in word and for which there's something very similar in excel doesn't work for outlook, I assume because it doesn't share the same classes and methods, or maybe I just have to declare a variable and instantiate it. The code below gives me a runtime error 424 object required.

I want to create the simplest of macros in outlook so I can delete highlighted text in a message I'm composing with my mouse by clicking a button on the ribbon, like the one below for word. Why you ask? Because sometimes my fingers aren't on the keyboard or maybe I'm leaning back. It's not laziness, it's efficiency

What works in word is
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I was actually reading the docs. If you highlight selected text in a message composing window that highlighted text represents what type of object? That answer is actually hard to find.

Thanks a billion