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format rows based on value

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    format rows based on value

    As per the attached, I have 1000's of "ID Detail" value groups. This is just a snippet of the sheet, but I need to color like rows the same so that I can easily reference to the left and the right. I thought this would be simple but can't find a solution anywhere. I know that a table formats every other cell a certain color, but I am looking for something different. My description isn't very strong but check out the attachment as it visually explains it all.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Re: format rows based on value

    This can only be done using VBA or with a trick by adding a column based on your ID but numbers only.

    I do not know the range of your IDs but based on your sample sheet I assume
    - you have only IDs starting with one character ("A", "B", ...)
    - the numbers are from 0 to 99

    based on this assumptions you now can generate a new column with
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    ==> A has an offset of 100, B offset of 200, ...

    BUT you can only format this new column with conditional formatting (color scale) and not the complete table

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