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Cannot open .xls files from the Forum

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    Cannot open .xls files from the Forum

    There are many occasions when you try to open an .xls file from the forum and you get an error.
    Such as this thread.
    Name:  pic1.jpg
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    Open the file location to see where the file is and it looks fine.
    Name:  pic3.jpg
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    In file explorer, select the "View" tab then check "File name extensions".
    You will see ".xlsx" has been added to the end.
    Name:  pic6.jpg
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    Remove the ".xlsx" extension. Select "Yes" to confirm you want to remove it.

    Open the file.

    Name:  pic8.jpg
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    Name:  pic9.jpg
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    Re: Cannot open .xls files from the Forum

    Odd... That example opened for me without any issue (Windows 11, Chrome, M365).

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    Re: Cannot open .xls files from the Forum

    I have the same problem, and I have not been able to figure it out, either. I think it is a problem with my browsers on some of my computers, but I don't know what (I use Firefox on all my computers). Some computers open .xls files just fine, others do not.
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