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Word VBA Field FileName - remove extension

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    Angry Word VBA Field FileName - remove extension

    I have a macro that replaced the header and footer of all documents in a directory with the one in the document that I run the macro from. I have a field in the footer that shows the document name - this updates with every document however shows the .doc extension. Is there anyway to remove this extension from every field with FileName in please?


    Code updating the footer and the field:

    For Each HdFt In .Sections.First.Footers
    If HdFt.Exists Then
    If wdDocSrc.Sections.First.Footers(HdFt.Index).Exists Then
    HdFt.Range.FormattedText = wdDocSrc.Sections.First.Footers(HdFt.Index).Range.FormattedText
    End If
    End If
    For Each aStory In wdDocTgt.StoryRanges
    For Each aField In aStory.Fields
    Next aField
    Next aStory
    .Close SaveChanges:=True
    End With

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    Re: Word VBA Field FileName - remove extension

    Although you could edit the field display to delete the extensions, Word will re-insert them next time anything causes the field to update. There is also no field switch to suppress the extension display. If you're desperate to hide the extensions, you could position a borderless rectangular shape over that part of the field, but that's a lot of extra work just to hide the extension.
    Paul Edstein
    [Fmr MS MVP - Word]

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